Monday, July 14, 2014

Another year - another move

I am delirious!!!!!!!!  I  have spent, God knows how many days, moving car loads of things from my apartment to my townhouse and it has all come down to THIS - THIS is the only thing that makes sense to me anymore! I can't stop watching this cat when I should be packing more boxes! I think this cat is my soul animal......

OK Swagermomma - WAKE UP!  YiKES
Saving money on movers by driving myself crazy!
Yes, I am moving, again. I have spent about a year here in this super swaggy apartment that is in the shadow of the Golden Dome, mere blocks away from "the House the Rockne built", a brisk walk to the peaceful lights in The Grotto, and 3 blocks from the unmistakable scent of sweat and stale beer that IS THE LINEBACKER LOUNGE (you have to have been there - I highly recommend going but NOT until 2 am on a football Friday). Living here has been a great experience. One that I feel blessed to have had. I am glad my kids had a chance to live this semi-urban existence next to campus. They loved the idea of being "on campus" and they would like to pretend they were students at Notre Dame when we would walk across the street to the playground on campus.

This was a perfect fit and exactly what we needed - at the time - now we need to move on.

At the time - I was begging to leave my house and needed somewhere to escape - to rebuild - and be me. I just wanted someplace familiar to escape to and Notre Dame was it.  I was going CRAZY in that house, slowing losing my soul and my mind.....

I totally can relate to that poor woman! 

It was here that things started to get better for me. I started to eat again. I started to smile again. I started to get my our routine. I found a way to remove what was my past from defining me - I was free to find happiness.  
Yeah, that pretty much sums it all up. 

This might sound awful but people would hear I had gotten divorced and was moving away and would pause, give me a pity gaze and say "Aww, I am so very sorry."  My quick reply has been, "Well, I'm not!".  To be quite honest, it was the best thing for me. It was time. It had been brewing for years it and it was time. 

Living here  on campus gave me a chance to be free. It was my time to WAKE UP!
Yeah, not gonna lie, this was on my ipod for a while there.

 It was here, on my nights without the kids, that I hung out with some amazing bartenders at the Irish pub downstairs. I would get free Jameson and diet Coke and just talk to them about life. I would take my notebook and start blog ideas while sipping a whiskey and watching the late night crowds. I met some interesting people and had some great conversations. 

It was here I went on some of my first dates as a newly single woman. I was clueless in the dating world and interested to see what life had in store for me.  I met a few people, had a few nice dinners, but nothing that really was me. I felt like I was settling so I stopped looking and stopped going out on dates.  But THEN... BAM!  It was here that I started talking, online, to my now amazing boyfriend (@audiobox19). NEVER imagined I would find someone so wonderful!  It was here(through the magic of twitter, blogs, and facebook) that we met. 
Super happy, lucky grateful girl I am :)
This online meeting only began because I started blogging - and made friends in the blog world.  FOREVER thankful for THAT - because we are too awesome and I am incredibly happy that we found each other, in the crazy internet based way that we did - its a great story :) that keeps getting better.

So here I say goodbye to a place that gave me so much.

It was here that I found the strength to start a new chapter. 

It was here I promised NEVER to compromise who I am. 

It was here I decided I needed 3 tattoos in 2 months! (LOL) Still considering more.

It was here I learned that I am stronger than what others believed I was. 

It was here I  that less is more - and money doesn't buy happiness. 

It was here that I saw my two boys take on such a huge life event and they didn't let it stop them from having fun and staying the happy, loving, adventurous boys they are. 

It was here that I started over.  It was my wake up.....

And now as I sit here on my last night I think about all those things.  All that is left here are the big pieces of furniture, a few clothes, and some snacks. I am taking the new life I am building and the stronger person that I became while here.  I am ticking down to the last moments of my wifi connection and wondering how it will feel to wake up someplace new...... again. This is the 8th move I have made since I left for college, but a new morning in a new place is always an adventure and a fresh start. 
Another key - another door

We will be living a more "kid friendly" life in a townhouse back in the place we left - Elkhart.  Its closer to my job and the kids' school. It has a yard and most importantly a attached garage! OMG - I never will take an attached garage for granted EVER AGAIN!  Walking three flights of stairs with groceries did wonders for my legs, but I will just to to the gym from now on! 

I am excited to keep moving forward with my life.  I am so happy right now and see so many good things ahead for me and my boys.   There so much to be thankful for and happy about in my life right now. I am grateful for all I have and I am happy that I can share my story with you all. Hope I didn't bore you tonight as I get nostalgic about my time here.  

Life is wonderful - enjoy it - and make it all your own!

Get ready for Swaggermom's continued adventures in ELKHART!  LOL 

Stay Tuned :)

Swagger on! 
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