Saturday, February 22, 2014

Friday Night Wine!!!!!!!

Hi Ladies and Gents! So it seems I have a Friday night what do I do with my solo time in my apartment? I decided to review a bottle of wine recommended to me by two blog buddies, and I am so glad I did! So here it goes.

1. I am not, nor do I pretend to be a wine connoisseur. I am a mom who likes to drink wine.

2. I am not an alcoholic - I just like to drink. Take that for what you want.

3. I am not crazy - I just like to video myself drinking wine. Problem?

With that out of the way we can move ahead. So the wine in question is 19 Crimes.
Here is a rad video about this wine...

It is a red wine from South East Australia - and HOLY SHIT - as I am typing this I realized it is 13% alcohol/volume! WHOOHOO! This is good stuff!

So basically I like it. I will buy it again. Its a tad heavier than I like, but for the price at level of tipsy you will become off of it - its a wine win in my book! 7 out of 5 stars! Oh my, think it is time for my silly little video to do the talking/typing...whatever.


As you can clearly see I have no problem making an idiot out of myself on camera in the name of alcohol. But I enjoyed it and I hope you at least smiled a little.

Now go check out my friends Brian of and Chris: Audio-Alpha, review the same wine.

Click the link people! You will be happy you did!

19 Crimes Review by Chris: Audio-Alpha and Brian of Review the World

Both awesome guys from Cincinnati and I am honored to be part of the review team for this project! 

I assure you, it will far surpass mine in quality and entertainment value. And remember - keeping swagger means finding time for you, for fun, for being silly - no matter what. Whatever keeps you sane keeps your swag on!  I am 36 - I am not dead!

Get your wine and swag on!  Just like the master of all swag! Neil FUCKING Diamond! Sing it Neil!

Until next time - hopefully sooner than later.
Cheers and have a great weekend!
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