Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sweatin' to the Oldies

Crap! It's back! I can't hide under jeans and comfy sweatshirts anymore. Summer is knocking on our door.  As I slowly back away from the Doritos and iced coffee I am reminded that I need to workout more.  I have done it all.  Zumba, TRX, Cardio-Sculpt, Biggest Loser Workouts, Yoga, Pilates, T25 and many more. Soon I will try the new Beachbody dance workout Cize.  I try them all, but after a while I get so freakin' bored.  I can only take Shaun T of t25 telling my to dig deeper, and him always comparing my squats to Derrick's. For the love of God Shaun! Sorry, but I will NEVER live up to Derrick's squats - because "Derrick has AAAAAAMAZING squats!" as you remind me weekly on Disc 2 - Speed 1.0 of t25. 

Anyway,  I need a switch up in my routine. So, as I was sweating my butt off to the latest t25 workout it hit me - workouts have some a long way! I think Swaggermom should review old workout videos!  I think it is time to try to Sweat to the Oldies again! Now that I will be working out more at home I want to share the treasures of the past with you...like this...and OH SWEET LORD this woman is AMAZING and I want to go to her awkwardly fantastic workout class...

Jillian Michaels, this woman has you beat for sure!  It is gold like this that I want to search out, work out, and share with you! I hope to lose a few extra pounds along the way, but more importantly I want to be having fun.  This makes me wanna crimp my hair and get out my old "Get in Shape Girl" kids workout set. YES, for those still yet to be born back in the 80s, girls were sold a workout set under the guise of it being a toy.  Evidence:
  Yep I fell for it too!  All I wanted was the damn ribbon! It was kinda sick marketing and it most likely added to the image complex most of my peers had in the 80s, but damn I wanted that ribbon!!!! If I can find any tapes or videos of this I plan of doing it - along with Mousercize and my old Strawberry Shortcake Get Fit record. Oh this will be fun!
I hope you are along for this ride back in time with Swaggermom. I will be using the past to help "shape" my future - oh crap I need to stop being so nerdy with the puns.  I hope this little experiment will prove worthy of your reading time. I have missed writing, but I need to workout too. This will help me stick to both.  I may even drag my amazing fiance into doing a few workouts from 80s with me.   LOL
So - stay tuned! 
I have missed you all! 
Now let's work out!

See you soon with workout one! 
Swaggermom :)