Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Crap....What's My Age Again?

Sometimes I forget how old I am. Seriously, I have to think about it.

I downright refuse to act 30.....something.....ha ha. SHHHH! 

I take it as either I am too old to care, or I have convienced myself that I am forever and always 27.  I have no idea why that is the age I have thought I have been forever.  Truly, no idea, but I think I am stuck at this age forever.  I rarely think of my age, and that is most likely why other teacher's at work act surprised when I am fully up to date on the latest songs and technology. They act like at my age I should be over all that, and just be happy with what was cool in 2003.  But I refuse to act my age, whatever THAT means!

Because there are days I kinda think I look as BADASS as THIS :

I mean  look at that!?!?! That is full on swagger to the max!  Sometimes you need to feel like a badass ?  Why fall into a box? What is a typical 30 something, divorced, mother of 2 boys supposed to act like? What box am I supposed to fall into? I refuse to fall in line!

 I like being nerdy, silly, random me and all that entails. 

 I enjoy wearing Converse All Stars and jeans over "mom jeans".

 I like cheap glittered holiday jewlery from Walgreen's over Tiffany's.

 I will buy junk food merely because it is seasonal and/or "ALL NEW".

I own Pokemon tshirts, Harry Potter Tshirts, Ghostbusters T Shirts, and Game of Thrones Tshirts to name a few - that I wear, not my kids.

I would rather eat  hot wings and drink a beer on a date than go to a 5 star resturants.

Just to name a few.


This most likely stems from the fact that I still think it was the 90's only 10 years ago. I am living in the 90s in my head....shhhhh.

ANYWAY - long story short. I DON'T  CARE!  I am going to do what makes me laugh, what makes me smile, what makes me happy, what makes me - ME for the rest of my life. No more hiding! 

So below this post is ME! No makeup and what I do best - CAR KARAOKE! Yep - post workout, no makeup on,  singing along to Taylor Swift. Totally me! Warning: in car rides I will sing...quiet at first and when you try to fall asleep it gets louder. LOL

So today's swagger lesson - always be you and be proud of you.  You shine from the inside out when what is inside is allowed to be free. 

My life is awesome, and I am so happy with where I am and who I am.  So, if singing in the car is silly and immature, and taking video of it is childish, well then FUCK , I guess I am not a real 30 something mom of 2, but at least I am ME! 


Enjoy and until next time...SWAG ON! 

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