Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pokemon Takeover of Swaggermom!


That lyric is not just a catchy phrase - it is a command from Pokemon central that my kids will gladly follow! Swaggermom world has been overtaken by Poke-balls! Yep, BALLS!

SOOOOOO.....somebody (wink wink) recently introduced my children to the joy that is Pokemon. They are now official addicts to all things Pokemon. I am slowly learning what this new world is all about, and I have to say this Pokemon stuff, it RULES!  To be honest, I needed a break from the 4000 piece LEGO sets, hearing the "Everything is Awesome" song on repeat all day, and the constant fights over who gets to use the "special pieces" as a "Master Builder".  I needed a LEGO break - Pokemon to the rescue! I am forever grateful to our Pokemon Master. :) 

So, tonight, I let the boys explore their Pokemon love my making a video, because that is what a blog family does...LOL. It is unscripted and they had a great time. Its again, SwaggerMom style - low budget and one take. We had a good time making this, and hope it adds a little fun to your Thursday night.  Side note - I have been told that my only "Poke-power" is my pretty good Pikachu voice. Hey, at least I am still cool in their eyes. So I will take that complement as a win.


Swagger on and enjoy :)

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